When I brought my computer in the mouse barely moved, it was constantly “Thinking”. The Guy Who Fixes Computers upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 16GB and now my computer is super fast imho. I have to say a big thank you for taking me on such short notice and getting my computer back to me within hours. That made a huge difference as I was able to get back home and back to work in no time. Highly recommend to others. (Side note- I came to you on recommendation from a friend) Great experience overall.

ShannonToronto, ON

Calvin allowed me to stop in the same day I called and in pick-up was willing to wait if I was late. Made me feel as though my time was as valuable as his. Knowledgable. Timely. Great value. I really appreciated the information provided before my service and the care and interest he took in my issue. Highly recommended!

David M.Toronto, ON

I dropped my laptop while it was on and the screen shattered. FREAKING out, I immediately tried to find a computer repair place close to where I live. I checked out quite a few places before deciding to give Calvin (The Guy Who Fixes Computers) a try.

Spoke to him on the phone. He was super nice. Give me a quote on the price to fix the screen right away (so I knew what I was getting into). The price was the fairest I had come across and I was ecstatic.

What astounded me about Calvin (apart from his fair price!) was that he was just so genuinely NICE. He told me that since I had dropped my laptop while it was on, there might be damage to the hard drive. He said that before he went ahead with fixing my screen he would check it out for me.

At this point, I’m freaking out and extremely stressed out because my hard drive has so many important things on it that I hadn’t backed up in a while. So I very selfishly called Calvin at a late hour that same day and asked him to please tell me as soon as he could whether the hard drive was okay. He started running tests on it that night…and contacted me soon after to tell me that the scans showed that my hard drive was alright. I was so relieved…and happy that I didn’t have to wait a couple days to find out.

Calvin was extremely prompt with the repair. My laptop is good as new (I’m typing this review on it now) and in the future, I will definitely go back to him any time I have issues. The customer service was just impeccable — far superior to any bigger computer repair operation I have had experience with.

Shireen K.Toronto, ON

I have an intel iMac desktop, 27″. My hard drive died unceremoniously, after 4 years of loyal service (supposedly normal with Macs – when they work they work great, when they die they die quick and ugly!!!…#Learnedthehardway :-p) In a panic, I called local Apple-authorized repair shops but they were either too far away or WAY to expensive (Computer Systems Centre) quoted me something outrageous, like $400 for labour alone (!!!); I Googled repair shops and came across Calvin; he quoted a reasonable amount – 80 for labour and 70 for a new hard drive (the actual cost)…and since I live reasonably close by, he did a house call for an extra $20 (which I was happy to pay, I was NOT looking forward to schlepping my desktop even a short distance, as you can imagine).

Not only did Calvin replace my hard drive, he also gave the desktop’s interior and good dusting out, upgraded my O/S and software. The whole thing took a while – 2-3 hours? but that was only because of a few minor snafu’s that had us scratching our heads for a while (he eventually figured a solution). If you’re having Mac/PC issues and you don’t mind not going through an Apple-authorized (read: “overpriced”) repair operation, I highly recommend this guy. Thanks again Calvin!!

Sue K.Toronto, ON

After checking with a few places I am happy I ended up going to The Guy who fixes computers. I recieved great service on my Macbook and it didn’t take long at all! The prices are more than fair and the place is easy to get to. Overall I trust The Guy who fixes computers with any of my electronics.

Ruben AvilaToronto, ON

Like other people have mentioned, Calvin helped me on very short notice (within an hour). He was able to fix my computer (which ended up need to have the hard drive replaced), within just 2 days. It was great! I thought that he charged a fair price, and he was good at keeping in communication with me and updating me on the status of my computer. He also sent a follow-up email a few weeks later to check that I was still happy with the repairs.

Vanessa N.Toronto, ON

I am not a fan of leaving reviews but Calvin really deserves it. I liked how Calvin took care of my computer. I own a Macbook Pro, the battery life didn’t last even half hour and after that suddenly it stopped working one day. I took it to the apple store and the wanted to charged me around $800 for the repair and a new battery (pretty much a new computer) but Calvin was honest and reliable since the beginning. I paid wayyy less than what apple was charging me.

Carlos M.Toronto, ON

I would recommend without hesitation. Great location, great service. Calvin was kind, experienced, and met my needs within the day. It feels good to know that I now have a trusted ‘tech guy’ on speed dial LOL. Thanks Calvin!

PatriciaToronto, ON

I got a bit carried away and accidentally upgraded the firmware on my Western Digital MyCloud HDD to an unsupported version, bricking the device. I found a tutorial online to restore the firmware and preserve my data, but lacked the hardware to do it myself. I sat down with Calvin for a few hours and we fixed the thing in no time. When other shops would have given me a quick backup of the data, overcharged me, and told me to toss the beyond-repair $250 device, Calvin listened to me, was patient with me, and did things right way. Now, the device is working again like normal.

I totally recommend this guy if you’re looking for personalized service. Excellent price and excellent experience all around.

Jeremy R.Toronto, ON

I somehow downloaded a virus onto my macbook air. Being new to Toronto, I wasn’t really sure where I could take it to get fixed. The Guy Who Fixes Computers got me with his name: simplicity is to be trusted. Turns out I made a good choice! Calvin was easy to get ahold of, his location is central (Spadina & College), he quoted me a reasonable price and got the job done quickly! A week later my sister spilled her drink all over her macbook air. It was late at night but I called Calvin right away. He told us he would meet us at his office that night. We really appreciated his genuine concern and he was successful in repairing her computer as well. Calvin is knowledgeable not only in computer repair but also in website development, point of sales systems and more. He has helped us out quite a bit with our small business technological challenges. The only downfalls are that he doesn’t really get started til around 11am some days and parking can be a bit of a challenge in that area.

Kathleen G.Toronto, ON

Just like with Lindsay, Calvin helped me out on really short notice. Called Thursday at 2pm and dropped in 10 minutes later to troubleshoot my laptop that was refusing to charge when plugged in. He solved the issue in literally 1 minute!

Tip: You can get into the building by buzzing in, but’s more convenient to go in through Blue Banana and find the elevator on the left side of the store.

Leo Q.Toronto, ON

Having owned a number of laptops and desktop computers I dealt with a fair amount of PC repair businesses, so I generally know what to expect in terms of price and service. My latest computer – a Dell Alienware laptop had boot issues that I could not resolve myself so called Calvin, AKA The Guy Who Fixes Computers for a quote. He gave me a reasonable price and schedule, so I took the laptop to him.

I needed it fixed quickly, because of work, and Calvin started working on it immediately to have it done ASAP. Having spent a good part of the day analyzing and fixing the issue, he delivered it in working condition the same day, to my home, which is a good distance from his office. On top of that he charged me a price that was clearly lower than he could very reasonably have asked.

Based on my experience with other repair professionals. I would rate his effort, care, and service way above than what I would have normally expected. As such, I would definitely do business with him in future, and would absolutely recommend his service to anybody.

Mark M.Ottawa, ON

Have nothing but good things to say about Calvin! I spilled water all over my Macbook and took it to Calvin within 3 hours. Right away opened my laptop and told me what he would have to do and then told me how much it would cost. The price he quoted was more than reasonable. In the end it was actually cheaper than what he original quoted because the damage wasn’t as bad as we projected it to be. Really amazing customer service. While he was fixing my computer he loaned me one of his. Other repair shops couldn’t even give me a quote. They would give me a ridiculous range, which didn’t include the diagnostic fee they would charge me to find out what was wrong with my laptop. One place even said I should get a new computer since my model was so old. I highly recommend Calvin, exceptional service!!!!

John H.Scarborough, ON

When you bring your computer in for repairs, typically there’s no personal touch. You state what’s wrong to an anonymous counter person and hope the subsequent phone call isn’t all bad news. With Calvin, that doesn’t occur. In his small office, you are asked to sit, explain the problem and boot up the computer for an unhurried Calvin to examine. Similarly, when you retrieve your computer, usually a next day service, Calvin takes the time to explain what he did and what you can do to avoid further problems. The bottom line is that Calvin did a fantastic job of getting rid of nasty malware on my notebook and bumping up my ram. And, his price was well below what I was expecting to pay. This guy is a keeper.

Cathy L.Toronto, ON

Calvin was efficient and honest. My macbook crashed because the hard drive was failing. During our first consultation, he explained that it could be a number of different problems. In some cases, it would have been better just to buy a new macbook. After a couple of hours of recovering data (he recovered everything btw), he called to let me know he could clean out the fan and restore my hard drive. He offered to stay later on the Sunday so I could pick it up the same day.

I would definitely return to him for any problems and also highly recommend him.

Dorothy V.Toronto, ON

I had an old Mac that needed to be fixed up. After looking at Yelp reviews I went to see Calvin and so glad I did. He was amazing. He quickly identified the issue told me the price to fix it (which was very reasonable) and had my machine fixed in no time even though I said it was not a rush. I will definitely be going back to see him when I next have a computer issue.

He is above the Blue Banana in kensington market.  Go into the Blue Banana and take the elevator to the second floor.  He is 206 at the end of the hall.

Paul F.Toronto, ON

After long search I find out about ” The Guy Who Fixes Computer ” . Quick service and good price. One more thing to add after one week I get follow up message that Am I satisfied with service ? So overall I am happy

Krunal RangrejToronto, ON

Encountered a problem with the hard drive on my Lenovo and decided to let Calvin have a shot to fix my laptop. Fast, reliable and affordable. Few words to describe his service. I got my machine back in no time and better than ever. Would not hesitate going back if any computer related issue arises again and would recommend him to everyone I know.

Not gonna lie, the location of his office might not look like its all that, but the man knows for sure what he’s doing. Think Neo in the first Matrix movie.

Jose E.Toronto, ON

I was having issues with my laptop not being responsive when turning the power on. The Guy Who Fixes Computers came to the rescue. He was efficient, explained the issue and what he was going to do to resolve it in a way that was easy to understand and the price was good too. Highly recommended and would definitely go back if there are any issues.

Gary CroninToronto, ON

Great service, great price, quick turnover despite long weekend. Will definitely return if I have any other computer problems

SusToronto, ON

Calvin helped me out on really short notice – I literally showed up at his office, unable to access my external hard drive. He was very pleasant, patient, and knowledgeable. He addressed the issue, fixed it on the spot, and charged accordingly. No rip offs, no hedging, no attitude. The perfect IT guy to have on speed dial.

Lindsay D.Halifax, NS

I thought his poster and name was funny so I called up Calvin and tried (quite poorly I am sure) to explain what was wrong with my computer. He was very patient and helpful and when I went to meet him he fixed it and actually made it run waaaaay better!! He is priced very very reasonably, is very nice, helpful and caters well to your needs and schedule. He will also tell you what to do, and not to do to avoid future problems. I recommend him to all my friends now!

Amy S.Toronto, ON

Calvin was extraordinary. My MacBook screen glass smashed and I was being quoted by Apple upwards of $1,000 to have it replaced – almost leading me to resolve to purchase a new computer entirely. Traumatized, I was recommended Calvin and he quoted me less than half what Apple had estimated. He was friendly and helpful over the phone and in person, and was able to do what I understand as a very complicated and tedious replacement in less than a weekend. I would highly recommend visiting Calvin for any computer repairs, hard or soft. He’s now my go-to guy in the city for sure.

LiliToronto, ON

As I said to Calvin afterwards, by the simple expedient of adding more memory, he restored to me the computer I THOUGHT I’d bought from an authorized Apple dealer. I’ll be forever in his debt, and will recommend him to all the Mac users I know.

Martin MordecaiKitchener, ON

I recently had my MAC 24 inch revitalized by Calvin a.k.a the guy who fixes computers. I was actually pleasantly surprised upon arriving at his location as we knew had already met previously. His service was not only quick, but very efficient and today my MAC which apple told me was vintage and tried to sell me a new one. Has a new life.

I recommend and will be recommending all computer related business to him. Great work!

Thanks a million.

Real MahadeoToronto, ON

The Guy Who Fixes Computers, his name is Calvin is very good at what he does. I had broken the screen of my macbook pro by forcing the screen to close but not realizing that my headphones were in between the keyboard and screen. Desperately looking for someone to fix the screen I had found Calving through google. We negotiated a price which was fair and he had my screen fixed within 48 hours. He is very good at what he does and he does it all by himself. The fact that we were able to talk in a mature manner and negotiate the price as well as him fixing my laptop in a timely manner is what makes me respect him. He is legit and does his job well. If anyone has issues with their laptop he is the guy to go to, trust this writing.

Jesse AmeyawToronto, ON

I called around asking prices and speed on installing a new SDD processor and new RAM into my 2009 MacBook. Calvin’s quote was the lowest and the only one who offered to do it the same day! That was crucial b/c I use my laptop daily for work. He have me a time estimate and when it was taking longer than expected to transfer my data (we think the old hard drive was almost dead), he was kind enough to keep me updated via text. I’m super happy with the job he did (he even cleaned the dust out of my fan)! I would definitely recommend him. In fact I plan to contact him soon to replace my battery 🙂

Meg A.Denver, United States

I wouldn’t go to anyone else after going in to see this gentleman. Fast, friendly, reasonably priced quality service. Fixed what was fixable and gave advice on what couldn’t be on my external hard drives. Look no further. This is your guy.

Wayde D.Toronto, ON

Excellent customer and product service with reasonable prices. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Sarah SabineToronto, ON

Like Leo and Lindsay, Calvin helped me on a short noticed. I couldn’t turn on my computer one day, found Calvin through Yelp and dropped by his office to troubleshoot my problems. Calvin examined my computer thoroughly and told me it was a virus infection. The day after when I received my laptop, all the files are restored and intact. Wonderful service and very prompt responses.

Celine C.Toronto, ON

Calvin was great! My mac laptop died on me and Calvin let me come in later that afternoon. He told me what was wrong straight away and gave me all the options for fixing it! I thought I was going to lose a lot of stuff but Calvin managed to retrieve quite a lot! My computer was ready the next day and he even cleaned it up! Great service and reasonable prices! Was so pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy this turned out to be!

JmToronto, ON

I contacted Calvin to get a quote on liquid damage repair to my 2 year old Mac Pro I considered replacing it as some quotes were exceeding it’s current value. Calvin had the computer fixed with same day service & a great price – definitely check him out if you want to save on time & repair costs.

Patrick J.Toronto, ON

Calvin reloaded my crashed computer in one day and then charged less than quoted! He also recovered some very important files for me.

Dave StevensToronto, ON

My MacBook went from slowly dying to dead. Calvin took the time to identify the cause and proposed a couple of options, depending on how much time and effort I wanted him to put into data recovery. We agreed on a plan and he did the work on time and for the quoted price. All is working beautifully, so I’m thoroughly happy with his work. I highly recommend Calvin.

Mark H.Toronto, ON

Calvin discovered a simple problem with my computer that the Apple Store missed after two visits!! He ordered a part and fixed it on New Years Eve! It was affordable and fast. It’s not as fancy as the Apple store but way more efficient and affordable. Would recommend for Apple Owners.

A B.Toronto, ON

Calvin was really helpful and accommodating in terms of timelines. Reasonable rates – highly recommend him

Jay MudgalToronto, ON

I was happy with Calvin’s work. He was able to confirm what was wrong with my PC and fixed it. He stayed within his estimate (which I thought was more than reasonable) and got my PC humming fast.

What impressed me the most is that Calvin contacted me a couple weeks after I got my PC back to make sure everything was still OK. That is service!

Getting a hold of him was a bit tricky, but he definitely replied within 24 hours.

I would gladly recommend Calvin.

Miguel P.Toronto, ON

I’m now typing from my HP Laptop that Calvin fixed for me, same day (!!!) – This laptop would not even turn on 8 hours ago! Calvin is a professional perfectionist and an all round good guy. He worked tirelessly until my system was restored and gave me a fair price (Calvin kindly cut me a fellow entrepreneurs discount). Even better, I was able to work on a system from his office while he fixed the computer so I could meet my deadlines. This is an exceptional service provider and when choosing ‘The Guy Who Fixes Computers’, consider your self lucky. A1 Rating!

Alli W.Toronto, ON

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