MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Liquids and computers do not mix. Liquid that has seeped inside your MacBook can cause components to short circuit, possibly damaging it beyond repair. If you have spilled water, coffee, tea or any other liquids on your MacBook, immediately turn it off, flip it over, unplug it and remove the battery if possible. Leave it flipped over with a cloth or paper towel between the screen and the keyboard. Do not attempt to turn it on again “to see if it is working.”

Liquid can get into small spaces inside of your MacBook where it may take a very long time to dry. Even after it has dried, residue can cause corrosion on your MacBook’s logic board, resulting in premature failure.

The best choice is to have your MacBook logic board professionally inspected, all affected components cleaned of residue (yes, even water can leave residue and cause corrosion) and parts replaced as required.

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